The Wall of Flowers

Photo courtesy of One and Only Paris Photography

This wall of flowers is and always will be one of my favorite projects. It was for my friend's wedding, which was amazing in every sense. The wedding space was one of the prettiest I had ever seen, and to add a little extra something, I created a wall of flowers behind the head table. It is essentially, two different sizes of the Luxe Peony, strung onto ribbon, and hung in rows along a wall.

Did it take a while to make? Not going to lie. Yes.

Did I have an incredibly fun evening making these with my best girlfriends? You betcha.

Was it worth the effort? A thousand, thousand times, yes.

Feeling up for making your own wall of flowers? Use the same step by step as the Luxe Peony, but you'll likely want larger ones than what is shown in the instructions.

For large flowers, use a tissue paper stack that measures 15” wide by 20” high, and for medium flowers, you’ll need a stack that measures 10” wide by 15” high.

So, grab your besties, order in some sushi, get some Love, Actually on and make something beautiful.