DIY Yarn Wreath

I recently came across cardboard wreath frames from Michaels, and I went a little overboard with the possibilities. So much so that I couldn't fall asleep and I made 3 wreaths in one night. But, how could you not? Because it's made of cardboard, you can use any material on them. Glue, stickers, yarn, glitter - you name it. And the best part is they stack flat for post-holiday storage. 


  • Cardboard wreath form (found in the floral section at Michaels)
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Glittered alphabet/ornament (not shown) 

Step 1:

Tie a knot with the yarn anywhere on the frame. Leave a yarn tail of 3".

Step 2: Wrap the yarn around the cardboard.  

Step 3: When you are done, cut off the yarn from the ball and tie. Hang an ornament or glitter initial from anywhere on the wreath.

Photography + design: Tulle Box Designs