A Present Packaging Dilemma

With gift giving in full swing, I thought I'd address a common present packaging dilemma - you brought a present to work for a gift exchange that's happening in an hour and you forgot/didn't have time to get wrapping paper. The good news is that your office is probably brimming with supplies that are perfect for wrapping - paper, tape, labels, markers, printers...

At the very minimum I suggest heading over to the mailroom and grabbing some packaging paper - classic and polished. Done. If you have a bit more time, do a search on the Internet and find some free printable gift tags or paper (Lia Griffith has some great great printables). 

When I did a search for printables, I came across this PDF for paper bows from the beautiful blog How About Orange.  I printed it onto plain printer paper (bonus, you don't even need a colour printer), cut out the pieces, and taped it onto the present. (I also cut out some strips of paper to create the 'ribbon' around the box.) Easy easy easy.

Photography: Tulle Box Designs | Inspiration + printable: How About Orange