Favourite Favours from Around the Web - Succulents

I'm a big fan of favours that keep long after the bouquet toss, especially ones that are as universally loved as potted plants. The symbolism of growth works beautifully for weddings and the the greenery creates an abundant garden-like ambiance. My potted plant of choice? Succulents - lush and always perfectly put together. Here are some of my favourites.

Arranged together on various wood textures, this gorgeous favour table is like a perfect Sunday morning at the farmer's market. (Source)

It should come as no surprise that Martha Stewart Weddings featured succulent wedding favours long before its popularity. This photo was published in the Spring 1999 (amazing!!) issue. (Source)

Quite taken with these succulents in glass pots - like pretty terrariums. Also obsessed with the gorgeous font on the sign. (Source)

This lovely favor does double duty as favour and placecard. With the personalized tag, it feels so much like each favour was hand picked for each guest. (Source)