DIY Favours with Laser Cut Paper

Last week, I posted about this ridiculously gorgeous piece of paper, which gets its beautiful intricacies through a process called laser cutting. I wasn't sure what to do with it because at $7 a sheet (it's actually a placemat), I only bought 1, and couldn't bear parting with too much of it. Turns out I only needed a little. 

I trimmed a piece of the paper to fit onto the lid of a similarly-hued truffle favour box. The stunning details of the paper get a lift courtesy of tiny foam squares placed underneath, which creates a floating effect. Finished with a delicate gold bow, the result is a pretty little package perfectly suited for a chic and sophisticated fête.  

And here's the how-to.

Photos: Tulle Box Designs | Lasercut paper: Ceci New York, or check your local paper store| Favour box: Michaels