Pretty for Pennies - DIY Floral Pen Toppers

In high school, I was obsessed with the movie Clueless for two reasons. One being Cher's rotating closet. Two being the feather pens Cher and Dionne used in class. I loved those pens so much that I rushed out to the craft store to purchase ribbon and feathers to make my own. I even got requests from my classmates. 

Inspired by my high school days, I thought I'd make some fun pen toppers that would be cute as favours, gift toppers, or even super economical centerpieces. This is part of a series I'm starting titled Pretty for Pennies because it was extremely coin purse friendly to make these guys. The pens were $2 for 12, and the streamers were from the dollar store, and according to my calculations, each pen/topper came out to $0.19. And, there you have it - something pretty for pennies. Scroll down for the how-to.