DIY - Anthropologie-Inspired Favor Boxes

Before I start any project, I always make a cup of tea in my monogram Anthropologie mug. It just makes my workspace prettier and makes me feel more creative. So, I thought I'd try to make favour boxes inspired by the mug's gorgeous pattern, and here it is!


  • Flat, un-assembled white favour box. (This one from Paper Source)
  • Floral patterned stamp
  • Initial stamp
  • Light ink colour
  • Dark ink colour

Step 1 - Place a piece of scrap paper underneath the box. Dip the floral pattern stamp into the lighter ink colour and stamp onto the lid.

(Tip: Place part of the stamp off the edge of the lid to avoid any unstamped edges.)

Step 2 - Move the stamp over from the previously stamped portion, and stamp again.

(Tip: To avoid making the pattern look like a grid, overlap the stamp ever so slightly onto the previously stamped portion.)

Step 3 -  Continue stamping the floral pattern for the remaining part of the lid. When finished, dip the initial stamp in the darker ink and stamp onto the lid.

Photography + styling: Tulle Box Designs  |  Inspiration: Anthropologie Homegrown Monogram Mug