Perfect Tissue Paper Pompoms

Have you ever made tissue paper pompoms and they just didn't look right? Like they didn't come out round or the edges were just wavy rather than perfectly scalloped? Despite my love of paper crafts, I couldn't get the pompoms to look like they should - they just didn't have the right 'poufiness'. Until I was making the Luxe Peony and realized how to make them perfectly. Read on to see how.

In a nutshell: 2 pompom halves tied together make the perfect pompom. When you typically make the pompoms, you make an accordion fold with a stack of 8-10 sheets of tissue and pull out half the layers up, half the layers down.

Try instead to use a stack of 5 sheets and pull all the layers in one direction (up) like a flower. Repeat on another stack. Put the 2 halves together, and there you have it. Yes, it's almost twice the work, but the result is so worth it.    

See more detailed steps below. (If you're new to making pompoms, start here.)

Step 1 - Make an accordion fold on a stack of 5 sheets of tissue. (For these large pompoms, use a stack of tissue 15" wide x 20" high.) Repeat on another stack. Once folded and the ends rounded, place the two side by side to make sure they are very close to the same width.

Tip: To get perfectly scalloped edges, do the following: trim the ends even. Cut ends into points and then round just the tips.

Step 2 - Pull out the layers in one direction only (up). Repeat on the other. Bottoms will be flat.

Step 3 - Flip one of the half pompoms over and string a piece of ribbon through it.

Step 4 - Place the other pompom half on top and string ribbon through.