DIY | Glitter Double Bow Favour Toppers

This glittery favour topper was inspired by the go-to Kate Spade shoe for stylish brides everywhere. There's glitter, gold, washi tape and it resembles a giant bow - all the ingredients for the ultimate girly girl favour. Read on for the easy how-to.  

(Shoe image source: Kate Spade)


  • 12" x 12" gold glitter cardstock (Michaels) 
  • paper trimmer
  • double-sided tape
  • washi tape
  • favor box 


    Step 1  - Trim the sheet into 1.25" strips.


    Step 2 - Place a piece of double-sided tape at the end of the paper strip.

    Step 3 - Make a loop with the strip and press the ends together to seal. Repeat with another strip. (Tip: the two loops should be about the same size.


    Step 4 - Stack the loops together and cinch in the middle.

    Step 5 - Wrap washi tape around the middle. Place tape or glue on the back and attach to the favour box.

    Photography + styling: Tulle Box Designs