DIY | Notebook Covers

Even though nowadays you can write on just about any electronic device, I still prefer the traditional route - with a notebook and pen. And the prettier the notebook, the more motivated I am to work. Many of my friends, especially the creative types, are the same way, and I'm sure all of them would love to receive a practical and pretty notebook favour to keep in their purse for brilliant idea moments.

Start with a notebook of your choice (mine is from the dollar store), make a basic notebook cover (see below for the how-to) and decorate to your heart's content. Here are some examples I did:

Basic Notebook Cover

Follow the tutorial below for your basic cover and then embellish however you'd like. 


  • notebook
  • scrapbook paper
  • paper trimmer
  • bone folder
  • ruler
  • ribbon
  • glue stick
  • scissors

Step 1

Open the notebook and measure the width and the height. Then add another 1" to the width because the edges will be folded over the front and back covers.

Step 2

Trim paper to dimensions from previous step.

Step 3

Close the notebook and place 1/2" from the edge the paper. Score along the edge of the notebook. Repeat on the other edge and fold on score lines.

Step 4

Glue ribbon to the back of the notebook, and run the ribbon along the inside back cover as well. Tuck ribbon into the middle of the notebook.

(Tip: If using single-sided ribbon, place glue on the backside so that it will be right side up inside the notebook.) 

Step 5

Place glue all over the backside of the paper. Open the notebook and slide the front cover into the flap. Close the notebook, and then fold the paper over the back cover. Press down.

Photography + styling: Tulle Box Designs