Toblerone Placecard Favors

Sometimes a little stroll through the grocery store can provide an infinite amount of inspiration. Like this Toblerone bar I found in the candy aisle that reminded me of a desktop nameplate. That got me thinking that it would also totally work as a placecard favour. Wrapped in glitter gold paper and finished with gold washi tape, this is one fancy grocery store chocolate bar! Scroll down for the how-to. 

(Also, melted Toblerone makes the best fondue base). 

How to:


  • Paper cutter
  • Paper of your choice
  • Bone folder
  • Double-sided tape or washi tape
  • 50 g Toblerone bar

Step 1 - Trim paper to 6 9/16" wide x 4  1/4" high (Tip: The  6  9/16" mark is just the one calibration over from the 6 1/2" mark)  


Step 2 - Place the paper upside down, portrait orientation, on your work surface. Line up the Toblerone bar along the left edge of the paper. Then, using the bone folder, score along the right side of the Toblerone bar.  

Step 3 - Shift the Toblerone over to the other side of the line and score. Repeat one more time.

Step 4 - Fold along the lines.

Step 5 - Wrap the paper around the Toblerone, with the edges at the bottom. Seal with tape.  

(To make the nameplate, I just drew a  5" x 7/8" rectangle in Word, added a name and printed onto shimmer paper)  

Photography + styling: Tulle Box Designs  |  Gold glitter cardstock: Michaels