Ribbon spools.jpg

1. Looks can be deceiving. If you love one of the projects, but it looks too complicated, take some time to make one or two. You’d be surprised how fast and easy it becomes after you get a handle of it. Also, the projects shown are quite literally step by step, with detailed photos for each step. As a result, some of the projects look more complicated than they actually are because of the number of steps.

2. No two are alike. For paper flower projects, do not worry if your petals are not even, exact or symmetrical each time.  It only adds to the uniqueness of each flower.

3. Practice makes perfect. Buy a few sheets of paper to practice on before you buy enough for all your favors.

4. Before you buy. Make sure your favor will actually fit in your choice of packaging before you buy everything.

5. A word of (ribbon) advice. If you are using satin ribbon, double face satin is the best option. With double face satin, you don’t have to worry about tying bows with the ‘correct’ side up, as it’ll always be the ‘right’ side up.

6. If it ain’t broke Favors often come beautifully packaged already, especially food favors like macarons and chocolate. Skip buying your own packaging, and just use ribbon and one of the toppers from Tulle Box to dress it up.