Pleated Tissue Liner

For something a little unexpected, package your favours as pretty inside as it is on the outside. Here, a pleated tissue paper liner creates an extra detail that will impress your guests. The pleats are made almost exactly the same way you make an accordion fold, except that instead of doing equal folds, you make a slightly larger one at every other fold.

Read on to see the how-to.

Tutorial fits a 3.25" x 3.25" favour box.


- 1 standard sheet of tissue paper (20" x 30")

Step 1 - Place a sheet of tissue on a flat surface, portrait orientation. Starting from the top, fold the edge down, about 1".

Step 2 - Flip sheet over so the fold is against the surface and closer to you.

Step 3 - Make a fold upwards, this time, slightly larger than the last.

Step 4 - Flip sheet over again, and this time make the fold downwards, the same size as the last.

Step 5 - Flip over, make the fold slightly larger than the last.

Step 6 - Flip over, make an equal fold.

Step 7 - Repeat for the rest of the sheet.


Favour box - Paper Source

Monogram seal - Printable from Wedding Chicks